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Course dates & codes

Course duration

As there is a considerable amount to learn during the course it is understandable that you will need time to develop your skills as well as having time to complete your 100 hours of treatments, we do not believe that there is a ‘fast track’ way of delivering this course effectively. The course will be run over 12 weekends taking around 12 months to complete.

Class times are, Saturday 9.30am – 5pm, Sunday 9.30am – 4.30pm.

Sept 2018 diploma CSSM-8

Sept 22nd/23rd
Oct 20th/21st
Nov 17th/18th
Dec 15th/16th
Jan 19th/20th 2019
Feb 16th/17th
March 16th/17th
April 13th/14th
May 11th/12th
June 8th/9th
July 13th/14th
Sept 7th/8th


Jan 2019 diploma CSSM-9.   

Jan 26th/27th
Feb 23rd/24th
March 23rd/24th
April 27th/28th
May 18th/19th
June 15th/16th
July 20th/21st
Sept 14th/15th
Oct 19th/20th
Nov 16th/17th
Dec 7th/8th
Jan 11th/12th 2020